54. Meeting Amelia

You know when best friend isn’t there and you realise how strange your relationship really is with your other friends? That’s how it felt when Veronica was on her three-day suspension following her fight with Yemi. I came to realise that, without Veronica, my friendship with Amelia was somewhat strained. Not bad bad, just not as natural […]

53. Veronica’s Fight

Veronica rarely wore skirts to Sixth Form. Her reasoning was that her legs were so long that skirts always looked to short and provocative on her. The day she turned up in a skirt I was surprised by how well she fit into it. It was a short, tight bodycon skirt but she wore it […]

52. Self-Sabotage

Mr Rodgers’ desk was nothing short of a mess. Textbooks, exercise books, loose sheets of paper, empty coffee mug, sandwich wrappers and board markers were scattered across it. He looked down at it, sighed, and rested another mug of steaming coffee atop a pile of Year 12 Sociology coursework. ‘So, Zipporah,’ he began. ‘Sir,’ I […]

50. Conspiracy

‘MKUltra. I’m telling you.’ ‘What?’ ‘Mind control. The Americans used to do it. They used drugs and stuff. Put you in a room and played with your head. Illuminati type stuff. There’s documentaries all over YouTube.’ ‘Are you making this up?’ ‘She isn’t. MKUltra was real. The government admitted it.’ ‘Yep. So they probably locked […]

49. The Return

Even though it was a dreary Monday morning we were still as raucous and rowdy as ever. Girls stood in the wet and steamy corridor jostling and screaming until there was a mosh pit. School policy was that students were not allowed in classrooms without a teacher present. The reason was to prevent the vicious […]

46b. The Hospital (a play)

Characters: Zipporah, 17 Verity, 20 Mum, late-forties Auntie Isatu, late-forties Uncle Joseph, late-forties Auntie Kadi, early-fifties The Weave-and-Contour Collective (a group of Zipporah’s young female cousins aged 16 – 25. They all wear mid-length black dresses and white trainers) The Mandem (a group of Zipporah’s young male cousins aged 16 – 25. They all wear […]