47. Parked Car Conversations

1am, Verity and Zippy, an empty side street, underneath the orange pool of a street light. ‘I care what you think of me, you know.’    ‘Swear?’    ‘Yeah. You’re my little sister. I really care.’    ‘OK.’    ‘So, I don’t want any weirdness between us, OK?’    ‘Is that why you dragged me […]

46. The Hospital

Verity and I were in the kitchen when we heard and loud crash and ‘JESUS CHRIST!’ come from Mum’s room. The pair of us ran up the stairs just as Mum was running down so we clustered in the middle.    ‘Your cousin…Joshua…he’s hurt himself…burnt himself with boiling water! He’s in the hospital! We’ve got […]

44. X

Despite being Head of Sixth Form, Mr Baines commanded very little, if any, respect. It was as if Mrs Hartwood sucked up all the power in the school and left none for the other teachers. However, for some reason, Mr Baines was the person we hated the most. Maybe it was because we could sense […]

43. Misanthrope

When I walked into form Niamh Connors was weeping in the corner, her hand on her forehead. Her friends were stroking her hair and saying soothing words to her. ‘What’s happened, Niamh?’ Mr Rodgers said as he walked in. ‘Broken up with your boyfriend.’ ‘Yeah,’ she sobbed. ‘But that’s not why I’m crying.’ ‘Oh, so […]

42. Interlude: Worries

What does the future hold? What will happen? Will I be happy? Will my family be happy? Will I follow my dreams? Will I still have friends? Will I find someone? Will I die a spinster? Did I make the right choices? Should I have done this? Should I have done that? The thoughts tornado […]

41. Siblings

Zippy walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Verity was at the sink washing dishes. Zippy considered turning back to her bedroom but at the end of the day, it was her kitchen too. Silently, she crossed the kitchen to the counter with the kettle. She took down a mug and threw […]