50. Conspiracy

‘MKUltra. I’m telling you.’ ‘What?’ ‘Mind control. The Americans used to do it. They used drugs and stuff. Put you in a room and played with your head. Illuminati type stuff. There’s documentaries all over YouTube.’ ‘Are you making this up?’ ‘She isn’t. MKUltra was real. The government admitted it.’ ‘Yep. So they probably locked […]

49. The Return

Even though it was a dreary Monday morning we were still as raucous and rowdy as ever. Girls stood in the wet and steamy corridor jostling and screaming until there was a mosh pit. School policy was that students were not allowed in classrooms without a teacher present. The reason was to prevent the vicious […]

46b. The Hospital (a play)

Characters: Zipporah, 17 Verity, 20 Mum, late-forties Auntie Isatu, late-forties Uncle Joseph, late-forties Auntie Kadi, early-fifties The Weave-and-Contour Collective (a group of Zipporah’s young female cousins aged 16 – 25. They all wear mid-length black dresses and white trainers) The Mandem (a group of Zipporah’s young male cousins aged 16 – 25. They all wear […]

48. Respectability Politics

Despite the invention of online banking and the telephone, Mum still preferred to go into the bank and pay bills at the cash desk. We stood in the queue when the lady in front of us banged on the table. The cashier looked rattled. ‘The cheque did not bounce! It did not! Check again! Check!’ […]

47. Parked Car Conversations

1am, Verity and Zippy, an empty side street, underneath the orange pool of a street light. ‘I care what you think of me, you know.’    ‘Swear?’    ‘Yeah. You’re my little sister. I really care.’    ‘OK.’    ‘So, I don’t want any weirdness between us, OK?’    ‘Is that why you dragged me […]

46. The Hospital

Verity and I were in the kitchen when we heard and loud crash and ‘JESUS CHRIST!’ come from Mum’s room. The pair of us ran up the stairs just as Mum was running down so we clustered in the middle.    ‘Your cousin…Joshua…he’s hurt himself…burnt himself with boiling water! He’s in the hospital! We’ve got […]