64. Afterwards

As I approached my house the front door opened as if by magic. Mum stood in the doorway scowling at me. When I stepped over the threshold she didn’t move aside so I had to squeeze past her. For what felt like the longest few seconds of my life, our chests brushed against each other […]

63. The Protest

Amelia decided to hold a protest. She believed that Veronica wouldn’t have been driven to swallowing packets of paracetamol if we had a school counsellor. When she announced her intentions to our form group everyone looked at her like she was a crazy aunt at a house party: no-one said anything, but they gave her […]

62. Rumours

Monday morning in Blackdale Sixth Form’s common room. ‘Did you hear?’ ‘Hear what?’ ‘You didn’t hear!’ ‘What was there to hear?’ ‘About Veronica?’ ‘No, what happened?’ ‘Rumour has it she killed herself last night.’ ‘Killed herself?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Stop.’ ‘It’s true.’ ‘Stop! I don’t believe you!’ ‘Trust me. You know Claudia? Her cousin lives next door […]

61. OD

My mobile rang at two in the morning. I reached under my pillow and pulled out my phone. I checked who it was with one eye: Veronica. Why would she be calling me at this time?    ‘Bitch, what you want?’ I groaned.    ‘Hello? Zipporah?’    I jolted upright immediately. It was her auntie […]

60. Moses

What did Moses think when he first saw Zipporah by that desert well? What went through his mind as he lay breathless with Egyptian blood on his hands and Hebrew blood in his veins? Was it the scuffle between the veiled girls and the shepherd boys that woke him up? Or was it the sound […]

59. Dream Big

Fridays were half-days at Sixth Form. Despite the bitter coldness and the horizontal rain being blast in our faces Amelia, Veronica and I still headed to our regular Chinese buffet. It was a seedy little joint – all dark wood and steamed up windows and rude staff – but we loved it and went every […]

58. The Girl

Early on a Saturday morning, just after 6am, Mum received a frantic call from Uncle Vernon pleading that she come to his flat. Please. Right now. It was beyond urgent. He couldn’t say why over the phone. Uncle Vernon was Mum’s sort-of cousin. They had grown up in the same area in Freetown and Mum […]